Healthy Habits For Happy Moms

           As a mother, your happiness and your child’s happiness are linked. Parenting can be challenging, but your attitude and happiness can have a positive impact on your child. Fortunately, there are several healthy habits you can start today to ensure a happy home and happy kids. These habits may seem … Read more

Healthy Habits Living

           Healthy habits are important to a healthy lifestyle. Many of us work more than 50 hours a week, and it can be difficult to find time to care for ourselves. When our time is filled with family activities, volunteer work, we often forget to spend some time on ourselves. Creating … Read more

Healthy Habits Lesson Plans

         If you’re considering teaching a healthy habits lesson to your students, you’ll need to prepare a few things. The first thing you need is a list of healthy habits for students to rate. You can easily make a Google doc that contains a list of all of the habits you want … Read more

Healthy Habits Notes For Teachers

        If you want to teach your students about the benefits of incorporating healthy habits into their lives, you can create a checklist of healthy habits and share it with your class. You can also use a Google doc that has pre-prepared checklists, divided into domains related to wellness. Make sure to … Read more

How to Lose Weight and Build Healthy Habits Workout

          Among the most effective ways to lose weight and build good habits is by walking. There are several ways to start walking, including: Setting attainable goals, forming a habit guild, and getting support from friends and family. One of the most effective methods is called temptation bundling, which combines a … Read more